Roseanna can sing rings around half the vocalists you can name. Her warm, confident clarity of tone is immediately noticeable, but most startling is her boldness of phrasing.
— Neil Tesser, USA Today
She shapes phrases like a horn player…while never losing sight of the composers’ intentions. (She is) no slouch as a scat singer … a pure and sultry voice…she sang and scatted effortlessly …
— Mike Joyce, Washington Post
Vitro is a real Jazz singer in the tradition of Ella Fitzgerald. She understands the tradition of “scat’, (her scat-improvisation reminds me of Clark Terry and Leon Thomas). But she never looses sight of the sense and content of her songs.
— Stephen Richter, Fono Forum, 2006
With her silken yet powerful pipes, Vitro ignites titles such as “ Half Moon, “ Jon Hendrick’s “ Blue” and Mose Allison’s “Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy” …(with) Vitro’s scorched- earth readings…(these) rise to the level of widescreen classics
— Ken Micallef, Downbeat
Roseanna Vitro “The Randy Newman Project” Vitro, always a fascinating jazz singer, expands her horizons with her new CD, in which she explores the far-ranging, emotionally diverse musical catalog of Randy Newman.  It’s a remarkable album, and the live performance of its selections should make for a compelling musical evening.
— The International Music Review – Don Heckman
Roseanna Vitro, one of my favorite vocalists, sings with a great feeling for jazz. Her readings on major compositions are monumental.
— Cedar Walton
The truth is in your sound and feelings and from the first time I heard and played music with Roseanna Vitro, I was captured by her powerful expression. She’s always been one of my favorite musicians on the scene. Truth Be Told!
— Joe Lovano
Roseanna vitro is a singer of extraordinary depth and passion.
— Fred Hersch
It’s about time that people know Roseanna Vitro, a voice of true tone, one of the great Kahunas!
— David "Fathead" Newman
Roseanna Vitro has always swung her butt off and poured her entire being into each and every song. In a perfect world, she’d be singing all over the world and spreading her passionate energy to the scintillation of millions of people. But hey folks, it’s not too late!”
— Kenny Werner