Thank you for watching: "Tell Me The Truth"

In an age of "alternative facts", Tell Me The Truth is right on time.

An original, poignant concept video has always been a dream of mine, and I'm so happy to announce that we've made that dream a reality with "Tell Me The Truth"!  Originally conceived as a tribute to the late Jon Hendricks, I wanted to adapt his classic 1960's song "Tell Me The Truth" to apply to the culture that surrounds us today in America.  I solicited the help of my daughter, Sarah Wickliffe (a graphic artist, animator, editor, and film-maker) and her colleague Mark Stetson (film and video production pro) to compile some images and footage to illustrate the weighty lyrics of this song, always keeping in mind the search for truth.  Please enjoy the video, and never give up on the truth!

Tell Me The Truth (Watch)

For more information on the film-makers, please visit Sarah and Mark's portfolios below:

Sarah Wickliffe:

Mark Stetson: (Production Reel)